“Achieve Wellness”

Individual wellness. Corporate wellness.

“Good nutrition doesn’t
have to be hard”

Let me teach you how to navigate a
menu and improve your snacking habits.

“Achieve greater balance”

Enjoy all areas of your life

''Create healthy habits''

Embrace time efficient exercise regimes. It’s all about consistency.

“Be free of brain fog”

Learn what foods sabotage your mental performance.

Ask “Is my strategy working?”

Get the guidance of an expert and start achieving results.

"It’s all about mindfulness"

Get present to what you are consuming, how you are living and how you are thinking.

"Eat real food"

Stop counting calories and
start counting nutrients.

''Start shopping smart''

Let me teach you where to shop, brands to buy and what to cook.

''Mental health matters.''

What we eat directly affects how we think and feel.

''Progress NOT perfection''

It’s my mantra. Small achievable changes over time achieve great things.


Is your body not doing, looking or feeling how you would like it to?

Let me conduct an in-depth analysis of your current diet and health status to determine how you can reclaim your quality of life by using food as medicine.


The wellness of your staff is a direct reflection of the wellness of your corporate image, brand and values.

Let me work with your team and create a wellness culture that enables your business to thrive.