The Amazing Trekkers Club (ATC)

I am privileged to be the nutrition expert for this amazing club!

What is ATC?

This unique hiking and mountaineering group brings together amazing women of all cultures, ages and fitness levels. ATC is all about women being their best self. Conquering their ‘peaks’ whatever they may be.

Why is it AMAZING for your wellness?

Wellness comes from more than what we eat. Being physically active, a part of a ‘tribe’ and connected to nature are also vitally important. ATC is a true trifecta!

My weekly hike in MacRitchie Reservoir, and training to hike mountains abroad that I never dreamt of doing, has become an invaluable part of my emotional and physical health. These ladies are now friends for life.

Come and join us!

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Healthy Trekkers Evenings!

As with any exercise regime, it is crucial that you eat well. This is especially so for women in order to keep our hormones happy, and to have the energy to juggle all that we do and achieve everything that we want to.

Come along and learn more about nutrition to become your best self.

Each month I will cover a different topic and you will meet lots of other fabulous women. It’s a fun and supportive environment.

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