Kind Words And Happy Clients

I base my achievements on clients reaching their goals.

I have a long-standing loyal client base who have achieved both significant body and health changes. I have shared a few of their sentiments below:

Helen BirnieHR Partner South East Asia, Vice President, Human Resources, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, Singapore Branch

“At our company we run an annual Development Week for staff. This year we wanted to have a section on wellbeing, this is when we engaged Sonia to come in and hold a session for staff. The session was attended by 60 staff and the feedback was so positive.
Sonia’s 90 minute lunch and learn session was a massive hit! It was informative yet engaging and interesting. Ultimately if people can see the link between what you are eating and drinking and how this can affect how you feel and your energy levels, this can only have a positive impact in the office. More happy and productive staff can only be something every employer is looking for.”

Sally54 years (Mother of two)

“I first met Sonia in January 2015. I was at my heaviest weight ever and feeling very down and very unhealthy with aches and pains. I left our first meeting feeling so positive!!!! Sonia made me realise that I had to change my view towards weight loss and if I ate healthily then the weight loss will follow…….and it has!!!
I feel so much healthier now, the aches and pains have reduced drastically and I’m no longer so tired. I’ve enjoyed learning about food and with Sonia’s advice and fabulous tasty recipes it’s been incredibly easy to change a lifetime of bad eating habits.
Sonia is a very warm and caring person, she has been with me on every step of my exciting journey with so much helpful advice, guidance and motivation. I’m so happy that I made the decision to contact Sonia last year, a life changing experience …….thank you !!!!”

Rachael43 years (Mother of three)

“Sonia Osborne is wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition. She takes a logical, common sense approach to care and maintenance of both mind and body. Whether your concern is weight loss/gain, intestinal health, skin problems, fatigue, exercise imbalance, sleep issues, or children’s nutrition, there is nothing Sonia cannot tackle together with you to get you back to optimal health.
My journey has been a long and difficult one and I was so confused by so much conflicting information. Sonia has helped me make sense of it all and simplify my issues using a building block approach, starting with small changes and gradually building over time, once the foundation for permanent change is solid.
She has also helped me understand that rapid changes and fad diets don’t work, and can even cause more damage to your body. Her thorough approach to my health history has gone a long way in helping me understand why I have been having problems; and her positive encouragement and support through the process of change has been invaluable.
Over the last few months, since I have been seeing Sonia, my health and state of mind have improved dramatically and I cannot recommend her highly enough – for anything related to health and wellbeing. Sonia is literally my saviour.”

Susanna36 years (Mother of two, Singapore)

“I first came to see Sonia with autoimmune thyroid, gut and chronic sinus issues and was on the verge of having a very expensive sinus surgery. After taking her recommendations and making some much needed dietary changes I started seeing positive changes happening within days.
Throughout the next few weeks – with Sonia’s amazing guidance, support and personalized health plan – I was able to sleep better, breathe easier, chronic headaches went away along with many of my abdominal issues, and I was able to lose weight I had been holding onto for too long. I have also been able to start exercising again, pain and fatigue free. And I was able to cancel that surgery.
Sonia’s motto of ‘progress not perfection’ enabled me to see that every change I was making, even the very smallest ones, is beneficial to my wellness in the long term and to be proud of myself for making them. Her focus on the whole being: mental, emotional and physical has been very important to me and has helped me to realize how I talk to myself and how I treat myself has just as much to do with how I am feeling physically.
With Sonia’s continued support I am learning to not only accept but to feel gratitude for these challenges because they enable me to better myself – and my entire family – and lead us all to healthier, happier lives. Meeting with Sonia has truly improved my quality of life and I’m so grateful for her help!

Rachael WaldenPsychologist, Singapore. November 2014

“I have been working with Sonia Osborne for about three months. The results I have encountered in that time have amazed me.
I moved to Singapore 5 years ago, about the same time I turned 40. These two events lead to many changes in my body, most significantly acne, and an underactive thyroid.
My thyroid issue was diagnosed a year before I met Sonia. I was medicated but saw no relief from the symptoms (depression like mood disorder, weight gain, sleep disturbance, thinning hair). When I changed my diet, under Sonia’s guidance, I noticed new hair almost immediately! I now have hair growth a little like that many women experience after breastfeeding infants.
Sonia has worked with my own skills and knowledge (I am a psychologist and former fitness instructor), she doesn’t patronize me, but is equally helpful with information when my knowledge is insufficient.
Her “progress not perfection” approach means that even detox “virgins” can cope. I have experience with eating clean so this was easy(ish) for me but even those who have gotten away with eating anything will find it manageable.
The results I see keep me motivated to continue. I am in the habit of thinking about what my goal is and how will X or Y help me to reach that – is it worth it? Do I want to go backwards? By tapping in to my goals, Sonia has found the key to keeping me on track.
Possibly the best aspect of my experience with Sonia is her infectious energy – you can’t help but feel positive around her, and that helps when you are struggling with health issues.
I would not hesitate to recommend others to meet with Sonia, and have referred clients to her regularly.”

Olivia 27 years (Overcoming food intolerance; Building healthy relationship with food)

“Thank you so much for introducing me to a whole new world of principles that I never had really considered before. I thought that I ate healthy before consulting with you, but I’m now excited to see the changes that I can make to better my life.
I really valued the compassion and complete understanding that you had for me whenever we spoke. The “ swaps” that you provided made it so much easier to try the elimination methods that we went through together in our quest to make me feel better. I also love how you taught me about mentally making changes to the way that I approach life and nourishing myself, not just changing what I was eating.
Thank you again for all your help.”

Lewanna38 years (Busy business owner, and mum of three, wanting greater energy, family nutrition and accountability)

“Sonia Osborne is the real McCoy!
She has this extraordinary ability to not judge anyone about their size, skin, athletic ability, mental hang-ups or knowledge of health. She appreciates that everyone is on their journey and she is there to help. Life is simple, we make it complicated.
If you are looking to feel strong, lighter and fabulous Sonia is your go-to-lady.”


“I would like express my appreciation for the work that you have done with me and to share with you how pleased I am with the Nutritional Plan that you tailored specifically for my needs, as well as your ongoing support.
It’s been less than 2 months since I embarked on my ‘new way of life’ and the results have been amazing. The changes that I have been able to implement have resulted in my having lost 4kgs already but more importantly my shape has noticeably changed and I feel much more alive and focussed now than I used to.
I had wrongly thought that I ate a fairly healthy diet and was fit and healthy. My tiredness and lack of energy I put down to work related stress and the symptoms of what one must learn to live with as a result of being 50+. I was wrong on all counts. I’m much fitter now that I’ve followed your advice and joined a gym to increase my strength work. It took a while to get my head around modifying the way I eat and to become better organised. My new regime of eating and exercising is starting to become a habit that I intend to maintain as I don’t want to go back to feeling and looking the way I used to. I’m now interested in learning more about eating and living ‘clean’ and sharing this enthusiasm with others. Although converting my son is proving difficult but I’m making inroads.
Once again thank you for sharing all your knowledge and enthusiasm. Your encouragement is very motivating. I really look forward to receiving and devouring your Wellness and Weight loss Wednesday Newsletters as I find your tips and hints extremely useful.
I look forward to continue learning more from you.”


“I would like you to know how grateful I am for bringing my body into line!
Having contacted you last August looking for help with pain that I was experiencing in joints and thigh area you immediately pinpointed the problem and changed my diet with AMAZING results.
I am now pain free and my quality of life is remarkable. I have more energy, have lost weight, and feel good about myself. PLUS I now have my finger nails back!!
Thank you for your help and support.”


“Our involvement with Sonia stemmed from watching her transform a friend who I considered to be fit and healthy, however she soon started to exude vitality and positively glow – I wanted to feel and look like that but previous attempts to improve my health or reduce my weight gain ended in frustration and bingeing. My husband and are were feeling older than we should, constantly in pain, lethargic and bad tempered; coping with everyday life was becoming increasingly difficult.
Meeting Sonia has literally changed our lives for the better – she is the living proof that her approach works. Sonia has helped us understand our relationship with food, how this affects our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and provided effective and sustainable alternatives. After just 1 month of following Sonia’s recipes and eating plan, we feel well. We are lighter, happier, without pain and full of energy. Symptoms I now know to be related to Wheat intolerance and always endured, have gone and the symptoms of depression significantly reduced. Overall, our health has improved beyond expectation and we feel so much younger and energised!
What has amazed us most is we have no sense of food deprivation; we enjoy every meal and feel no desire to return to our previous eating habits. Above all, we have seen a marked improvement in our children’s behaviour and whilst they may still want ‘junk’, they love getting involved in creating clean alternatives.
Sonia inspired us from the moment we met her – this isn’t a diet fad or some crazy detox; this is treating our amazing bodies with the respect they deserve to get the best from them – and it’s working.
Thank you Sonia xx”

Kate24 years, Body Shape Change and Overcoming IBS and fatigue

“I wish I had found Sonia earlier if that gives any indication of how different I feel today compared to even a couple of months ago when we first met. Sonia has provided me with so many amazing tools to help me reach my goals of changes in my body composition, energy levels, mental clarity, digestive systems, the works you name it Sonia did it.
I look forward to smashing this years goal of the Adelaide Half Marathon in August and to see what other changes I will see both physically and mentally.
I look forward to continually working with Sonia to overhaul my lifestyle and hopefully map out what is a very happy and healthy future.”

Georgie35 years, Marathon, weight loss and life-long nutrition know-how

“Sonia, working with you has been an incredibly eye opening experience! For someone who has followed (what feels like) every diet in the book, it has been refreshing and inspiring to work with someone who has a holistic approach to eating, health and life in general.
Sonia, your knowledge has armed me with the skills to make better food and product choices for my body type, my energy requirements and my general health and mental well being.
I’ve achieved some amazing personal fitness goals under your guidance and even better- I’ve recovered well!
I have also learned to ‘read through the labels’, no longer seeking ‘low fat, gluten free, sugar free etc’ promises that are filled with a multitude of other ingredients which are far worse and leave me feeling fatigued, physically unwell, unsatisfied or seeking more!
Your passion for what you do is so evident and yet, while you encourage, support and motivate, you are always aware of my capacity as a busy, working, travelling individual who feels daily like they are ‘walking the tight rope’!!! You assist me to make better choices work in MY life- leaving me feeling in control.”

Cheryl60 years, Overcoming IBS and regaining quality of life

“I have had an un happy belly (IBS) for years – dating back to my childhood . (I am now 60)
I had never heard of Sonia Osborne, until my daughter introduced me to Sonia’s Internet site.
At first I was a bit apprehensive about completing the “My Wellness Assessment” on-line, however after browsing through all the testimonials and reading Sonia’s nutritional information, I thought – well why not give it a go!
At first being diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant by Sonia, it made my thoughts a bit negative – thinking what I am going to eat now?? What am I going to buy and cook???? A lot of negative thoughts were going through my head.
However within 2 weeks of being on Sonia’s Nutritional Plan for me, plus Sonia’s yummy recipes, I now have a very happy belly!
Sonia’s knowledge and coaching is exceptional.
Having met Sonia, I find Sonia to be a very understanding and compassionate person.
Sonia has also given me some new lifestyle ideas that have made me more enthusiastic for my personal growth – emotionally and mentally.
I highly recommend Sonia. Thank you Sonia.”

David MinnearNew York Marathon and lifestyle transformation (David Minnear)

“Sonia Osborne is good. Exceptionally good.
I met Sonia mid-way through 2012 on my quest to run one marathon in my life – the New York Marathon – as a 60th Birthday present to myself.
Thanks to Mother Nature and Hurricane Sandy, that marathon got blown away. However, I’m making a second attempt in November this year.
And “Hurricane Sonia” will be one of the main reasons I cross that Central Park finish line.
I didn’t set out to lose any weight. But Sonia has shown me how to permanently lose about 6 kgs without any real effort at all. And more than a few inches around the waist.
I also thought I was eating all the right things. There was the occasional Pale Ale or McLaren Vale Shiraz too many. But in essence, I thought I was in the good zone.
Thanks to Sonia, I now understand more about food fuels, the right ones and the wrong ones, the role of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, etc. And about balancing it all.
There is also no doubt in my mind that the right eating knowledge combined with a consistent commitment to exercise is the key.
I have always been fairly committed to exercise but, because of Sonia, I now know more about the right food balances.
As a consequence, I feel stronger and fitter and with Sonia coaching me that marathon dream may become a reality.
At the same time, Sonia has also been working with my niece who is on a mission to lose 50kgs within the year. She is already 80% of the way there. However, Sonia hasn’t just helped her lose weight. It hasn’t all been about diet and exercise. Sonia has shown her the way to a new life. She has helped change her from overweight and unhappy to a thinner young woman with a positive outlook and a will to succeed.
It seems to me that no matter what the task or who the person is, Sonia goes above and beyond and gets personally involved with their goals and their achievement of those goals.”

Brad DaviesEuride Racing, Improving athletic performance at an elite level.

“Well, what I can say is the day I decided to start eating clean and taking my nutrition seriously was one of the best choices I’ve made in my career and in life. In my career as an elite level Road Cyclist I always believed I “ate healthy” but wondered why I was always feeling fatigued and heavy, almost bloated and struggled to recover.
What I discovered from working with Sonia was that I was consuming huge amounts of grainy carbs, dairy and processed sugars which never came close to providing the nutrition I required to ride and race long hours. Now my wife and I have switched to ‘clean eating’ the difference in both our moods, energy levels and both our physiques is testament to Sonia’s preachings.
Yes, I’ll admit the initial change in lifestyle is a shock but once you embrace the changes and start seeing the multiple benefits, returning to your old ways will seem as useless as the food you used to consume. Make the leap.”

Stephanie23yrs, Overcoming mental barriers and returning to normalised but ‘cleaner’ eating after a natural body building competition

“I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sonia earlier this year after I had competed in the INBA Natural Bodybuilding Competition. At the end of my 12 week comp prep it was organised by our coach to have a session with Sonia to get some information about returning back to a healthy lifestyle. After this first meeting I was instantly drawn into the knowledge and warmth that Sonia expressed and I knew I wanted to work with her further.
I was extremely petrified coming off my competition diet and I soon realised I was developing a bad relationship with food. But within one consultation with Sonia she eased my fears and I knew going on this journey with her I was going to obtain knowledge in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that would soon become invaluable. It became evident that Sonia not only practices what she preaches but at no point does she force this upon you. She gives you the knowledge and facts that you need and guides you in making your own educated decisions. It was a wonderful way for me to slowly “escape” from the restricted diet I was previously following and begin to feel I was taking control and could confidently make my own choices.
Sonia’s positivity and reinforcing nature each week (even after I sent her my not-so-flash weekly food intake), got me through all my tough days where I had felt like I had fallen off the wagon AGAIN. She was always available at the drop of a hat to help and provide assistance with any questions I had, and always knew what I needed to point me in the right direction.
If there’s one major thing I have learnt from Sonia over this journey it’s that this is definitely not a race and I don’t need to be perfect! It’s a continuous journey about developing the tools and knowledge I need to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle. And I can happily sit here today and say that all thanks to Sonia I am progressing in ways in which I never thought possible.
Thank you Sonia for starting me on this journey and I’m so excited to know that it’s only the beginning.”

Vicki46 years, Overcoming IBS, managing hyper-thyroidism, weight loss and body composition change

“Having suffered the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for 6+ years and recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), I was fed up with feeling sick all the time. With Sonia’s nutritional expertise, she identified what elements my body was lacking and tailored a nutritional plan to restore and rebalance my health.
Within 1 week, my IBS symptoms had all but disappeared and in the following months lost 2 dress sizes, increased my energy levels and developed a more positive approach to my overall health.
Sonia’s recipes are creative, delicious, healthy and nutritious, so I have never felt at anytime like I’m on a “diet”. I have learnt so much about fuelling my body with the right foods and nutrition and can now identify what foods are right for my body.
I highly recommend Sonia Osborne as a Nutritional Coach and Lifestyle Expert. There is no one better!”

Vicki 37yrs, Mother, Healthy eating education for daughter

“Sonia became a part of our lives when my teenage daughter decided she wanted to change her eating habits not to necessarily lose weight, but to be healthier, and have more energy. Sonia has been such a positive influence.
The support and motivation Sonia has provided Soffey has been amazing. She has taught her so much about nutrition, healthy options, and has given her recipes that are quick, easy, healthy and delicious.
Soffey now loves experimenting in the kitchen, makes her own delicious lunches to take to school and healthy after school snacks.
I highly recommend Sonia – a beautiful, positive inspirational lady.”

Evvie38 yrs, Energy reclaimed and now free from severe sinusitis

“I have been seeing Sonia Osborne for 3 months now. When I first approached Sonia I was on my second lot of antibiotics for the month for sinusitis and didn’t know how to stop this vicious cycle I was in.
Sonia showed me how I can be sinusitis free and feel better by eating clean and eliminating processed food and sugar from not only my diet but my family’s diet as well.
Two months on this wonderful journey I no longer suffer from sinus pain and for the first time in years I feel balanced and in tune with my body.
Sonia I can’t thank you enough for all your advice and lovely recipes. You are a amazing!!”

Evelyn20 yrs, Total Transformation! 37kgs weight loss and long term lifestyle change

“Days of eating junk food and fatty foods went out the window when I met the wonderful nuitrition and lifestyle coach, Sonia Osborne, in February 2013.
This beautiful lady has taught me so much in such a little time and still continues to help me everyday, even if its just a phone call or a few small words over email.
This important lady has not only changed my life forever, having taught me about nutritional values, protein intake, calories, pack reading (and many more different strategies), but has also become a beautiful friend.
My weight loss journey all started with a conversation with my uncle on Christmas Day (who also does coaching with Sonia). A few weeks later we were changing everything for the better – my diet, exercise, health, and confidence. It gave me a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
From weighing in at 130kgs in December 2012, slowly changing my ways with Sonia I now weight 93kg (May, 2013). Working with Sonia and seeing these results keeps me motivated. I feel better about myself everyday.
Thank you Sonia, for changing my life and eating habits forever. I know that I will get to my goal weight with you by my side.”

Bec37yrs, Total family wellness and weight loss

“Sonia’s well researched, and thorough Nutrition Coaching has proven invaluable to myself and my family. We have been following our plans for 6 months now and never felt (& looked!) better in our lives.
Her passion, humour and the way she explains food has made it a no brainer for our family to embrace clean eating and truly consider & respect what we put into our mouths. Sonia gives unbelievable support & advice through achievable plans, recipes and her weekly blog. She genuinely cares about your goals and circumstances.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, xox Bec.”

Sharmin FooFull-time Executive, 35 years - Cured Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in June 2014, when I had a bout of cough, and in the midst of my recovery period, my joints hurt badly and I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. I would wake up with fingers and wrists swollen like balloons and super stiff. A visit to the family doctor who ran a couple of blood tests told me that I had RA. All of a sudden, life changed. I was a healthy 35 year old, who loved being outdoors, and took part in triathlons. Instead of waking up in the morning to go for a swim or a bike ride or a run, I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night to down steroids and painkillers, because there would be searing pain in my wrists and finger joints and I would be tossing and turning in bed in agony. I recall the nights I would spend in tears because time just passed so agonisingly slowly. I saw three Rheumatologists. The first one told me to stop exercising, and I decided that was definitely not the sort of advice I was seeking. The second got my RA under control, but every time I had hormonal changes when my period came, the joint swelling and pain came along with it, and his advice was to up my medication dosage, which I felt was unsustainable. My third Rheumatologist recommended an expensive treatment which was financially unsustainable. In November 2016, I met Sonia, and she changed my life. All she said to me was to list down what I had for meals for the past three days, and her response to me was “Cut the dairy, drink black coffee (I loved my lattes), all dairy no yoghurt, cheese, or ice cream, and tell me how you go.” IT WORKED. In two weeks, I was pain free, and I COULD SLEEP. After a month, life was back to normal. I dropped my dosage of RA medication, and after running blood tests a month ago, I am proud to say, NO MORE RA! So thankful I met Sonia, and from just getting rid of dairy in my life, I got my life back again! THANK YOU!

Alex41 yrs, Weight loss, body composition change and complete family health

“My journey with Sonia started when I turned 41. With both kids at school I decided to turn a little bit of the focus back on me. So I returned to the gym (doing five sessions a week). But why was it, that all the effort that I was investing in the gym and what I thought was healthy eating was not yielding a lot of results, physically or mentally. I was still holding onto the extra kilos, I was still feeling tired and I was still not sleeping well. And then I met Sonia Osborne! Right from our initial chat, I could see that Sonia wanted to help me make the changes, help me reach my goals and she had a plan. As I followed Sonia’s advice I progressively felt better and physically looked better than ever before. Looking back, Sonia’s plan makes a lot of sense! There is no magic, it is all common sense.
If “Sonia’s plan” had such a big influence on me, Andrew and I decided that we needed to re-engage Sonia to review our family’s food habits, including our pantry. The changes recommended by Sonia were tailored to our family’s lifestyle and what was stocked in our pantry! Simple changes and the knowledge that we have all gained about nutrition, has made such a huge and positive impact to us all. The greatest benefit of Sonia’s input is that we have “gained time”. We all have more energy to complete and finish any task. As a family we are all “working” and thinking more efficiently and with greater enthusiasm.
THANK YOU for helping teach my family that “the greatest wealth is HEALTH”! The four of us thank you for being such a HUGE influence in our lives and we look forward to your continual support for a healthy and happy journey ahead.”

Kath49 yrs, Freedom from diets, greater health and weight loss

“Sonia has changed the way I look at my diet. I was counting every calorie and weighing every portion. I was even avoiding eating out and was very frustrated that I could not seem to eat what everyone else was without putting on weight. Sonia changed my food combinations and has provided me with the information and tools to actually eat more on a daily basis with a much more balanced approached. I am no longer calorie counting. I am now equipped to be able to place less importance on food and to maintain a new way of life over the longer term. I am so much happier and cannot thank Sonia enough for the changes she has provided me with. It is like being set free.”

Andrew42 yrs, Weight loss and improved sports performance

“I wanted to drop you a note let you know how much I appreciate the nutritional guidance and support you have provided to me. You really know your stuff. Not only have I lost weight and found a lot more energy, but my performance on the bike has gone from strength to strength. In a world with so much conflicting information and distraction I am glad you are my side. Thank you for teaching me good nutritional habits and for supporting me on my journey.”

Jan45 yrs, Cancer and chemotherapy management

“I first started working with Sonia in October 2012 after seeing one of her clients who had lost 20kgs and was jumping out of her skin with energy. I had never seen her looking so good and I thought “I’m having what she’s having!”.
I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and after all the chemotherapy, radiation and numerous operations I had gained 5kgs in weight and had low energy levels especially in the afternoon.
After starting on the eating plan, within a week I started to feel better, my energy levels improved and my weight started to drop. After 6 weeks on the original plan I had dropped the weight and was feeling sensational.
I then had a breast reconstruction operation and Sonia changed my plan so my body was well prepared for the operation and the healing afterwards. I returned to work in 2013 feeling full of energy and eating really well.
After 7 weeks, unfortunately I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer! A CT and bone scan discovered tumours on my liver, in lymph nodes in my chest and on a rib. Interestingly my blood tests demonstrated my bloods were in really good shape. My levels of vitamin D, iron, calcium etc were excellent. It was only the cancer markers in my blood that were not in normal range. My oncologist was also amazed that I wasn’t showing any signs of the cancers affecting me. I contribute this totally to the eating regime I had been following thanks to Sonia.
I began chemotherapy immediately and Sonia tweaked my eating plan to focus on healing, reducing inflammation and cleansing my liver. I totally embraced green juices and put everything into action I could to work at reducing these tumours.
My oncologist was not really expecting the cancer markers in my blood to drop much after the first cycle of chemotherapy (a cycle is 3 weeks: Thursday week one and Thursday week two I have chemo and Thursday week 3 I have off). However my blood test showed my cancer markers dropped from 131 to 98 after week 2 of cycle 1 and then to 83 after the completion of the first cycle. This was extremely encouraging and I really made sure I stuck religiously to the eating plan for I truly believe if you fuel your body correctly the results will pay off. After cycle 2 the cancer markers dropped again to 51 which was another extremely positive sign. I had another CT scan to check what was happening with my liver, rib and lymph.
The growths in the lymph in my chest had totally disappeared from sight! There was a 2 cm spot on my liver which had reduced to less than a cm and the other spots were no longer visible and the hole in my rib was now showing dense mass so is healing. My oncologist is totally blown away by my amazing results in such a short period of time. I believe the way I am eating has allowed this amazing healing to occur. I also make sure I drink 3 litres of filtered water per day and get my sleep. I had already moved away from using plastics and chemical cleaners. My oncologist also said “Jan, you are doing something right so keep doing what you are doing!”.
In the past I have seen other nutritionists who have told me what to do but have never taken the step to show me how to do it. Having the recipes with the correct balance of everything takes the guess work out and makes the food plans much easier to follow.
My chemotherapy journey has been heavily supported by a super-charged clean eating plan devised by Sonia. This has given me a sense of empowerment as I now feel I can do something to really support my healing. I think my wonderful results speak for themselves.
I am also impressed by Sonia’s genuine support and personal interest in my journey. She is an absolute star!”

Tara36 yrs, Lifestyle change and nutrition education

“Sonia is amazing! She motivates me to look after myself and reminds me how important it is to stay fit and healthy. Being a mum herself she ‘gets’ what my life is like and provides the meal plans and recipes to make it easy. I love my sessions with her. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their mind, body and soul.”

Jane50 yrs, Shifting the ‘Stubborn’ 5kg

“Working with Sonia has catapulted me out of the diet/exercise rut in which I’d been stuck and renewed my enthusiasm for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ve finally lost those 5kg that just wouldn’t budge. Thanks for making me feel fabulous!”

Melissa37 yrs. Lifestyle change, weight loss and family health

“Sonia’s commitment to my physical, mental & emotional strength, along with her passion in educating me on food & healthy choices has been life changing. I have finally shifted my excess weight and my whole family now eats healthy.”