Nutrition Consultant

Inspiring Wellness in an Unhealthy World

Sonia Osborne is an international nutrition coach and educator with over 20 years experience. She works along-side the Singapore medical community and has now helped 100s of people change their state of health, and quality of life, through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset change. Sonia is continually studying but her formal qualifications include:

  • Holistic Nutrition, Nature Care College
  • Nutrition Psychology, Cadence Institute
  • Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer, Donna Aston Academy
  • Australian Centre for Obesity Management Team, Monash University and The Alfred Hospital
  • Bachelor of Business Marketing, Queensland University of Technology
  • Senior food and product development manager (major manufacturers)
  • Food and Spirit Practitioner, CFSPP
  • Food and Nutrition Coach, Australian Food Coaching Institute


Sonia Osborne is a long-standing international nutrition coach and educator who works with individuals and corporations to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. “Health” is Sonia’s profession, past-time and passion and she lives by everything she is devoted to teaching. Sonia’s is learned in her field and gifted with a unique ability to connect with people. She specialises in bio-individual nutrition and behavior change methods that successfully achieve wellness in an unhealthy world. Her unique personalised programs enable people to embrace ‘food as medicine’ and successfully provide life giving habits and thoughts that improve people’s quality of living.


Sonia bases her achievements on clients reaching their goals and regaining physical, mental and emotional health. She has a long-standing loyal client base that have achieved both significant body and health changes, including sustained weight loss, improved cholesterol, fibromyalgia and thyroid disorders to managing diabetes and overcoming depression. Read just some of the comments that clients have shared:



Authenticity is Sonia’s greatest asset. She walks the talk. Having experienced her own journey of health issues she now inspired to give quality of life to others. “I am inspired by the power of real food and how the world is in dire need of it. People are sick, lost and confused, over-whelmed and stressed. Nutrition change can bring long-lost wellness back into their life. I am able to be the ‘tour guide’ that achieves this”. “My clients also inspire me on a daily basis – their ability to make change, break life long habits and prioritise their health is a credit to them”.